Warranty: Recondition and Sharpen Your Knives

Full Fifty (50) Year Warranty

EKCO Arrowhead is engineered to be the finest cutlery that money can buy. Arrowhead Cutlery is manufactured under the most rigid and exacting standards of workmanship, utilizing the finest materials obtainable, skilled hand-craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art modern equipment. Our products are covered by our fifty-year warranty against manufacturer defects in material and workmanship.

We will replace or provide equivalent substitutes at no charge for any pieces returned (postage prepaid) which upon examination are found to be defective. Naturally, the warranty does not cover any unit that has been misused or mistreated. However, should a unit be damaged for any reason that is not a manufacturer defect, you are entitled to a replacement at one-half the current MSRP.

Any cutlery that is not covered by our fifty-year warranty can be reconditioned and sharpened by our skilled craftsmen for a nominal fee of $22.00 for the first knife and $17.00 for each additional knife.

Call or text 813-724-0340 at anytime to speak with one of representatives.

Knife Reconditioning: Before & After

Call or Text 813-724-0340 to inquire about having your cutlery reconditioned and sharpened. Your cutlery will look and feel brand new!